Greece’s challenges in the Mediterranean

Analysis Between 2019 and 2021, there was a rise in political and military tensions between Greece and Turkey. The escalating strains between the two neighbours – in terms of both the demarcation of maritime boundaries and seabed exploitation – are due to a number of domestic and foreign policies implemented by both Athens and Ankara. […]

Covid-19 denial movements: Lateral Thinking and StandUpX

The economic crisis resulting from the Covid-19 health emergency has led to a general increase in demonstrations against coronavirus containment restrictions. In particular, on 20 March 2021, demonstrations were held in the major urban centres of several European, American and English-speaking countries as part of the ‘Worldwide rally for freedom’ day. Protesters took to the […]

Chad: the end of an era

The recent events At 11.00 on 20 April 2021, the spokesman for the Chadian army, General Azem Bermandoa, announced the death of President of the Republic Idris Deby Itno. According to local authorities, Itno died as a result of injuries sustained during clashes between the armed forces of Chad and the rebel group Front for […]

The Saudi peace proposal in Yemen and real prospects

In late March 2021, Saudi Arabia offered a truce to Yemen’s Shia Houthi movement; specifically, in exchange for the suspension of hostilities, Riyadh proposed that the airspace of Sana’a – the Yemeni capital controlled by the Shia rebels – be reopened, with a view to resuming political dialogue between the Yemeni government, led by Abd […]

Senegal: an unstable political environment

Violent street protests took place in Senegal between February and March 2021, resulting in several fatalities and extensive damage to government buildings and businesses. Tensions seem to be decreasing, but the situation is volatile and new and sudden escalation is possible in the coming days, especially if an agreement is not reached between the political […]

The importance of centralising Security Risk Management: IFI Security’s DERM

All organisations are created as dynamic entities that are always committed to improving and enhancing productivity and quality levels, with a view to gaining competitive advantage and achieving their operational and strategic objectives. In a constantly evolving environment, it is therefore essential to adapt to changes and reinvent (strategies, organisation and technologies), when necessary. However, […]

Asset vulnerability analysis: IFI’s Security Vulnerability Assessment Tool (VAT)

Vulnerability assessment is a key phase in the risk management process, requiring a detailed and in-depth analysis of security systems, mitigation strategies and their effectiveness in reducing the likelihood of a successful attack.   Taking inspiration from the said principles, the Vulnerability Assessment Tool (VAT) developed by IFI Security is designed to provide a deterministic […]

IFI Security, strategic objectives and appointment of new CEO

IFI Security, obiettivi strategici e nomina nuova AD

President of IFI Advisory Umberto Saccone’s words on the values and objectives of IFI Security as regards business continuity and new global challenges. We have achieved our goals thanks to our staff’s professional skills and our determination to find our place in the market. However, none of the above could have been possible had we […]